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This is what legends are made of!

A group of people, trekking hundreds of miles into the 'wilderness' seeking their 'promised land', learn of their hardships, of how their leader and 80 of his comrades are brutally put to death, their families attacked and many put to the spear, now seeking retribution. A vow to the Almighty that if he delivers their enemy unto them they will forever hold the day sacred and build a church in his name.

464 men and their wagons pitted against 12 000 warriors of the greatest military nation in Africa. Six hours of desperate fighting from the rising of the early morning mist till after midday. Over 3 000 warriors dead on the field, more wounded and fleeing the battle site, the river running red with their blood. And of the 464 men? only 2 wounded.

This is the Battle of Blood River!

for those interested in visiting:

A complete replica of the laager, in full size bronzed wagons, now stands on the original site so our Guides can show how the battle developed, the approach of the Zulu Army in the dead of night, and the tactics used by the Trekkers in this Battle that changed the face of South African History.

The time spent on this Battlefield rarely exceeds an hour and a half and it is a good idea to make it a part of a tour that includes either, the Ncome Museum and the Talana Museum, or the Anglo-Zulu War Battlefields of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift to make it a full days outing.

Note there is an entry fee to this site. It is now also possible to cross over the Ncome River on a pedestrian bridge to visit the Ncome Museum from this site.

The Original Monument

"Ou Grietjie" - the home made cannon

Pretorius' 3pdr naval cannon