Presentations in the UK are by Dave Sutcliffe, accredited Battlefield Guide.

Presentations in KwaZulu-Natal are by Anthony Coleman, accredited Battlefield Guide.

Let us aquaint you with the events and intrigue that led to this tragic war.

Follow us as we take you on the trail of General Lord Chelmsford's ill-fated Central Column as they cross the Buffalo (uMzinyathi) River at Rorke's Drift and invade Zululand.

Take the fateful road to Isandlwana. Cross the nek below the strange rock outcrop called Isandlwana where the British made their camp on 20th January 1879.

Follow the events that led to the General dividing his force and riding off to the Mangeni on that fateful day. See how the wily Zulu Commander Ntshingwayo outmanoeuvred the British General, moving across his front and falling on his left flank.

Then witness the Zulu attack on the British Camp at midday on 22nd January, overrunning it in less than 3 hours and massacring some 1400 Imperial troops, Colonial volunteers and Native levies.

Let us tell you of the night of horror spent on the battlefield by the General and the men of his half of the column on their return from the Mangeni.

This presentation takes an hour and a half and comprises a Powerpoint presentation and talk of the events leading up to the Anglo Zulu War and the story of the ill fated Central Column culminating in the Battle of Isandlwana followed by a short video clip of the battle.
The presenters are able to supply Proxima projectors